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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Deep Dark Dungeon Dubstep Blog Promo Mix

-Kaiju - Carpark Crush (FKOF Free Download)
-Forensics - God's Hands (Trashbat Remix) (DUB)
-Chapta - Late Night Jazz (Forthcoming Bokane)
-Darj - Scattered Thoughts (Forthcoming Phantom Hertz)
-Biak - Consequence VIP (DUB)
-Geode - Aliased Fever (DUB)
-Juss B - Concentration (Forthcoming Gradient Audio)
-Reamz - Tapeworm (Forthcoming Phantom Hertz)
-Cotti feat. P Money - Going To War (Wheelton's Darker Dubs Remix) (DUB)
-M.A.K.Z. - Shaolin (DUB)
-Sine - Untitled (DUB)
-Kong - Society (DUB)
-Chapta - Focus (Forthcoming Vulcan Audio)
-TZR - Mentalics (Forthcoming Iron Shirt Recordings)
-Lysergene & Forensics - The Way Home (DUB)
-Wheelton - Unprecedented (DUB)
-Chapta - The Loony Bin (Forthcoming Bokane)
-CoolBalance - Please Understand (Forthcoming 'First Light EP')