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Friday, July 08, 2011

100 Dubstep - Compilation

Out 25th July on Most Dubstep Records....

Features the Alien Pimp remix of Dungeon Master.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Threnody - Production Mix

Recorded live on his Sub FM show (30/06/11)....

Threnody - India [Rottun]
Threnody - Malicious [Rottun]
Autechre - 2nd Peng (Threnody RMX) [dub]
Threnody - Sound [Rottun]
Threnody - Bleep [Free d/l]
Threnody - Echoes [Free d/l]
Forensics - Endgame (Threnody RMX) [Dubkraft]
Threnody - Killer [Rottun]
Threnody - Don't Give A Shit [Creative Space]
Threnody - Realise [Red Volume]
Threnody - What Would We Do [Free d/l]
Threnody - No Sound of Any Kind [Urban Graffiti]
Threnody - No Sound of Any Kind VIP [Free d/l]
Threnody - Jacked Up [UK Trends]
Threnody - Holdin On [UK Trends]
Threnody - No Imagination [UK Trends]
Threnody - Baghdad Street [UK Trends]
Threnody - The Sound is Very Soft [dub]
Threnody - Into Night [dub]
Threnody - Experience of Silence [dub]
Threnody - Hologram [dub]
Threnody - Slo Motion [dub]
Threnody - Set Me Free [dub]
Threnody - Untitled [dub]
Threnody - Countersync [dub]
Threnody - Flux [UK Trends]
Threnody - Against The Music [dub]