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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kion - Dubpressure, 03/04/12

1.Addison Groove - Night to Remember (50 Weapons)
2.Artek - Out of Touch (forthcoming BYRSLF Division)
3.Pearson Sound - Untitiled (Pearson Sound)
4.Versa & Rowl - Lunar (Smokin Sessions)
5.Dusk Creator - Treasure Isle (Stainage)
6.DLVRY - Downtown (L2S Recordings)
7.Silkie & Swindle - Unlimited (Butterz)
8.Cluekid - Cyber Funk (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
9.Duskdown & DT ft Ragga Twins - New World Order (dub)
10.Mojo ft Virus Syndicate - Day One (Buygore/UKF)
11.Blixaboy - Nova (forthcoming Concrete Plastic)
12.Rusko - Distric Line (Mad Decent)
13.Zillion - Genetics (dub)
14.Forensics - God's Hands [Trashbat Remix] (dub)
15.Hatti Vatti ft Cian Finn - You [Phaeleh Remix] (New Moon)