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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Methodology Recordings present....


1. EVL
2. Tied To The Big Hand

Forensics has featured on this blog before, his dark and sparse yet still strangely haunting and beautiful take on dubstep having been a favourite of TIWWD’s for quite some time. This latest cut is a typically brooding, menacing and moody affair, all ominous violin scrapes and a beat that recalls Massive Attack’s Karmacoma. It makes me think of wandering though deserted city streets in the darkness, looking for something (for some reason). Check it out if you can - s’good.” - Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance

"Despite the ever changing landscape of Dubstep and the newly opened boarders of the loosely termed 'Bass Music', that classic Dubstep sound is still being made and still being made well by many artists. London based Forensics is one such producer, whose new release pushes a stripped back and minimalist Dubstep vibe with that big snare, big bass combo that was the scene’s trademark in the early days. Both 'EVL' and 'Tied to the Big Hand' boast some juddering but smooth low ends with synths and atmospheric elements that sit just on the right side of discomforting. The beats are slow evolving beasts, sparsely littering percs carrying the interest. It’s pretty clear that the aim here was to produce two big bassy rollers, and in a world of ever increasing numbers of synths and sounds being packed into one track it can take a lot of skill and deft touches to produce such stripped back tracks and not have them get tired, but Forensics is right on point. Definitely one for lovers of that classic vibe." - Stomp Magazine

Supported by Kion on Ministry Of Sound Radio, amongst others.

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Mastered by Henry at Dubstudio.