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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Reminder - Dissident this Friday

After nearly a decade in the scene the [dissident] engine grinds to a juddering standstill, finally taking a break from what has been an epic journey through the multiple dimensions of rave culture. Where better to celebrate our final party than the legendary Black Swan. The Final Chapter is upon us!

Main Room: Drum & Bass
Calyx & Teebee [Momentum/Subtitles]
Klute [Commercial Suicide]
Jubei [Metalheadz/Critical]
Noisy Boy [dissident]
Breach [dissident]
OCDJ [Agro]
MC's Stapleton & Mantmast

Room 2: Hosted by Ruffnek Diskotek
Grevious Angel [Soul Jazz/Keysound]
Dub Boy [Idle Hands/Ruffnek Diskotek]
Atki2 [Steak House/Ruffnek Diskotek]
Forensics [Eight FX/DubKraft]

Room 3
Dan Fix / Alkemy / Tapey
Davey T / MC Wogan

Friday 9th July
10-5 @ Black Swan, Bristol
Tickets £8 Advance / £10 OTD