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Monday, November 02, 2009

Lord Dubious, Dubterrain > 28/10/09

Furious VIP- Municiple
Private Places (Shackleton & MM Version)- Vindicatrix
The Branch Is Weak (Geiomix)- Shackleton
Old & Grey- T-Woc
Golden Gate- Cyrus
Loosen My Grip- Distance
Your Blood, My Hands- Forensics
Iron Man- Armour
Back To Chill- Goth-Trad
Voodoo- Loefah
End Of The World- Komonazmuk
Hunter- Mala
Smiley Face- Skream
Hear The Most- Calamalka
Ph Neutre- Brain Damage meets Lab
Ting Dub- King Midas Sound
Ion Storm- Black Uhuru
The Voodoo Curse- Scientist
Warning of Dub- The Upsetters
Ion Storm- Mad Professor
Dub With a Difference- Harry Mudie meets King Tubby
Wake the Nation- Ranking Joe
Crooklyn Dub Syndicate- Bill Laswell meets Style Scott
Think Dub- Zion Initation
Turn to Red- Killing Joke