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Monday, September 07, 2009

Exile ft. Indi Kaur / Not Alone VIPs

Exile ft. Indi Kaur (VIP) / Not Alone (VIP)
Eight:FX Records - AR031

"Full of eastern promise with moments of shimmering bliss, this one is for those warm starry nights" - RSD

"(Exile VIP) is a truly beautiful piece of music. Imagine what Portishead might sound like if they had Sheila Chandra singing for them, and you're somewhere in the right ballpark" - Russell Deeks

"A highly addictive tune" - Example Magazine

Has recieved support from Bobby Friction & Pathaan on their BBC Asian Network shows....

Due to be available on DJDownload & various other sites soon as well.

Video for Exile (courtesy of This One / Uptown Studio): /