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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cogidubnus > Sicknote Vol.4

Future Sound of London - Viewed from Above [Pinnacle]
Mount Kimbie - At Least [Hotflush]
DFRNT - Parka Dub [Unreleased]
Two Oh One & Forensics - Night Rider [Digital Sin]
John Beltran - Millions of Moments (Roof Light Remix)
HxdB - City Lights [Unreleased]
Cosmic Revenge - Baroness [Unreleased]
Pangaea - Memories [Memories]
Ramadanman - Offal [Soul Jazz]
Muteqx - Laws of Nature [Forthcoming Echodub]
Apathesis - Blue [Unreleased]
FBOM - Erat [Unreleased]
Kuma - Of Silence & Secrecy [Forthcoming TKG]
DFRNT - Skanky Bird [Unreleased]
Clubroot - High Strung [Lo Dubs]
TKR - Dub 2 Dub [Barish]
Dom Hz - Mist [Unreleased]
Kaskaad - Night Walker [Dubxtent]
Quantum Soul - Revival [Unreleased]
Instra:Mental - Tramma [Nonplus]
Asusu - Taurean [Forthcoming Project Squared]
XXXY - Heatwave [Forthcoming Shoreless]
Silkie & Miss Beatz - Purple Love [Deep Medi]
Data feat. Cell - Doors of Perception [Tempa]
Indigo - Fading [Mindset]