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Friday, March 27, 2009


Disc 1:

Fused Forces Whats Going Down
Cardopusher Parrilla
33RD Degree Controlled Demoltion
L Wiz Must
Matt U Mute Soul
ANS Tipped
Time Deadmans Step
Juttla Stakler
Side 9000 Crime
Cogent Cnuts
Twisted & Redemption Il Dire (Mac Koall RMX)
Barbarix Dig This
Sickman Dubs The Sound
Beads? Go On Martin
Sickman D Try It
Beads? Try It
Rippling Atomique RMX

Disc 2:

Lunatrix Enroy
Koini Charged
Ealzee Show Me A Re Fix
K. Rad Midnight Funk
Time Beatbox
Faib Broken Mirror
Miret 2 To Mash Up
Logik Hey
Sandbox V.I.P
Sickman D Steppin Out
Fused Forces Potency
DSF Fix Up
Forensics Endgame (V.I.P)
Twisted & Redemption Il Dire (Cardopusher RMX)
Subeena Tranient
Juttla Ramp With Me
Lunatrix Insainity But This First