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Sunday, September 14, 2008

3ZEE1, SubFM > 10/09/08

Monotonium - Substep Infrabass (Unreleased)
Warrior Dub - Rakoon (DubBullet)
KillerCombat/The Devils - FusedForces (Unreleased)
This Is War - Rakoon (Rottun)
Destroy - Doom (Unreleased)
Da Wrath Souljahz - Mala (Dmz)
Forsaken - MoR74L (Unreleased)
Gangster - Babylon System/Spl (HollowPoint)
Good N All - Caution (Unreleased)
Skull Fucked - Antiserum (Mode Recs)
Car Bomb - Solace Remix/The Acacia Strain (Unreleased)
Fear - Sno (Boka)
Im A Killa - Beezy/Kromestar (ADayInTheLife)
The Solution - Scandalous Unltd (Kraken)
Darkness - FusedForces Remix/ill Bill (Unreleased)
Step Out - Benny Page (DigitalSoundBoy)
Logic Step - Toast (Unreleased)
This Is How It Is - 1$on Ft Hoody (L.O.K.Z)
Flags - Gothtrad (Deep Medi)
I Know I Can - Itchy Robot (?forthcoming?)
Blue Notes - Mala (Dmz)
1000 Fathoms - Deep Thought (Unreleased)
Punisher - Loefah Remix/Pinch (Planet Mu)
Shouts Out To All - I-Shen ft Jen-i (L.O.K.Z)
Babylon Timewarp - Hijak (Deep Medi)
Natty Step - 1$on (Imperative Recordings)
Future - Sp:mc (Tempa)
Rush For Cover - Clone A Side (L.O.K.Z)
Shadow Skanking - Djg (NarcoHz)
Catarsys - Ifalone (Unreleased)
CopyCopy Strategy Decay - Timeblind (Ghostification)
John Holt - Toast (Unreleased)
Wat Ya Deal Wid - Mr Cris (Unreleased)
Eclipse - Sarantis (SubSonik)
Flesh Dance - Forensics (Unreleased)
Rock Bottom - Caspa/Rusko (Pitch Black)
Trigga - The Dubby 1 (Forthcoming NewTrackRecs)