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Monday, June 09, 2008

Roko on SubFM > 07/06/08

lopus - red sunset 1.1 [unreleased]
dak - bud [unreleased]
julien parise - astronotes [missive music]
joel mull - body rhythms [harthouse mannheim]
maya jane coles - sick panda [dogmatik]
paul ritch - shester [resopal schallware]
oscar - jack up the jazz [lørdag]
monomachine - high speed [permissive]
steve angello - sansation (digital filth remix)
tony rohr - marriot acid [podium]
t.e.k. - acid drop (dave angel remix) [beiak]
depeche mode - everything counts rmx [whitelabel]
rossi b & luca - frequency (original mix)
matoa - bio [unreleased]
two oh one - a worm [unreleased]
revolt op - screw dub [forthcoming mode]
sigha - finite [unreleased]
not in my name - slung fire [unreleased]
late - never forgive [forthcoming formant]
mala - forgive [deep medi musik]
the bug - skeng [hyperdub]
silkie - sky's the limit [unreleased]
quadra - divide [unreleased]
h.o.d. - falling backwards [unreleased]
mysticman - minds i (reso's braindead mix)
redline - altered state [unreleased]
juttla - dub dragon [forthcoming eastern pressure]
reso - if you can't beat em [unreleased]
twisted - contact [2nd drop]
buraka som sistema - kalemba rmx (wegue wegue)
501 - hidden words [unreleased]
redline - signs of life (remix) [unreleased]
trg - move dis [forthcoming soul motive]
nero - bad trip [forthcoming audio freakz]
juttla - sub zero [forthcoming eastern pressure]
docwra & excision - massacre 2008 [unreleased]
konnek deep - glow bug [unreleased]
forensics - gradualism [unreleased]
not in my name - reflections [unreleased]