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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roko & Sick Boy, SubFM > 20/10/07

shooby taylor - gigi [unreleased]
cutty ranks - limb by limb (ultrablack rmx) [unreleased]
takomo - rd79 r7 [unreleased]
villan01 - frog killer [unreleased]
forensics - end game (threnodys tintinabulist rmx) [unreleased]
reform - untitled [unreleased prototype]
neveready - gororo [forthcoming redvolume]
robbing hood - assassin [unreleased]
reso - metal slug [forthoming urban graffiti]
claw - freedom [forthcoming thought bombing]
redline - brainstorm [forthcoming urban graffiti]
monsta - babylon (stivs remix) [unreleased]
takomo - ? [unreleased]
composite.human - iwakura [unreleased]
the subdivision - just can't fight [thought bombing]
matoa - hullwatt [unreleased]
coki - shattered [dmz]
XI - dysm [unreleased]
durrty goodz - the youngers [awkward]
danny weed - kick off [dumpvalve]
jammer, skepta & tempa t - bring ur crew den [roll deep]
d.e.velopment - I don't care [?]
wiley ft. scorcher & lil dee - best striker [eskibeat]
lil dee - star in the making [media gang]
spyro - spywinder [aftershock]
kano ft. damon albarn - feel free [679]
chipmunk - fire alie [alwayz]
p money - what did he say [free mixtape]
aftershock - zumpi huntah mega mix [aftershock]
jme - gangsters remix [boy better know]
jme - celebrate remix [roll deep]
lil dee - same flow [media gang]
frisco ft. skepta & flow dan - back wid a bang [boy better know]
wiley - you ain't real [white]
flirta d & b-live - clack clack [a.r.m.y.]
mercston ft. plaguelero - weighty [the movement]
trim - turbulence remix [soulfood]
ghetto - menace [j clarke]
j sweet - deadout [white]
skepta - stupid [white]