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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Roko & Sick Boy, SubFM > 29/09/07

Tracklist for Roko's part:

dokkebi q - hardcore cherry bonbon [3q req]
forensics - endgame (two oh one playing with knives mix)
dz - roko's lament [unreleased]
shanodin & tactix - ghettoblaster [unreleased]
dr coil - strangelove [unreleased]
tes la rok - reggae [forthcoming noppa]
rogue star - desert orchid [unreleased]
culprit 1 - no need to ask (reso remix) [unreleased]
toiminto - flipside funk vip [unreleased]
threnody - trend [forthcoming urban graffiti]
digital - wired [forthcoming mission impossible]
tes la rok - codeine [forthcoming noppa]
dz - just rollin [forthcoming blackacre] -> reload
toasty boy - live life feel it [forthcoming urban graffiti]
oyaarss - silver tongue [unreleased]