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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ten Track Giveaway

Limited to 100 downloads, and
the link will expire in a week.


This zipped pack contains
the following MP3s (320s):

ENDGAME, VIP mix [as played
by Plastician on Radio One]
PHANTOM [Unreleased Demo]
FACELESS [Unreleased Demo]
PROPHECY [Unreleased Demo]
SUB SPACE [Unreleased Demo]
WARM STORM [Unreleased Demo]
DEPTH CHARGE [Unreleased Demo]
TURNING POINT [Unreleased Demo]
MEDICINE MAN [a VIP mix of this track
is coming on the first proper Forensics EP]
NEW AND IMPROVED [from the forthcoming
‘Oxymoron vol.2’ on Miserable Bastard Records]